Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Grocery Shopping

My favorite place to shop in Albuquerque is Talin International Market.

Can you believe I bought all this food at Talin for $38 including tax? The best bargains were the grape tomatoes for 98 cents, the bag of shallots for 81 cents and the big bag of baby bok choy f or $1.07.

Here's our week's haul from Los Poblanos Organics. I was very happy to see more strawberries, artichokes, and asparagus!

And my new favorite food find from the Albuquerque Whole Foods - So Delicious coconut milk yogurt. I tried both the plain and the vanilla and they're really wonderful. I think I'll serve this with the strawberries in my CSA box.


Knitika said...

Hey! We just discovered the coconut milk yogurt a week ago, and we've been eating it like mad ever since. I just enjoyed a passion-mango, but my favourite by far is the pina colada. Yummy!

Nanette said...

Thanks Knitika - I have only tried the plain and the vanilla but I plan to try all the flavors the next time I get to Whole Foods. The pina colada sounds really good - I may try making a frozen dessert with it as well.

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