Sunday, June 28, 2009

Going Organic

I've been experimenting lately to see how easy it would be to eat almost all organic foods. Oddly enough I really notice a difference in how healthy I feel although DH is less enthused about the extra expense.

Here's what $100 gets you at whole Foods - not everything is organic but I'm doing my best. The best bargains are their organic canned beans (that have much less sodium) for 99 cents and their organic whole wheat pastas for $1.69 a lb. The least budget-friendly item are those cherries - they cost over $8. They are not organic but are local (from Tony's Fruit Farm in Albuquerque) and the basil is also from NM.

Much of my time lately involves going outside in the garden and impatiently checking on these:

And these:

I planted a pizza garden with all sorts of vegetables and herbs I'd like for pizza. I also threw in some peas despite being almost positive that our ground squirrels would eat the plants (they love pumpkin plants) but so far the peas are intact. I also still have five huge collard green plants in the coldframe that have produced since last fall and still haven't bolted.


DKM said...

I'd have to pluck those squash blossoms, stuff them with queso fresco & herbs and then fry them up.

3rd Wave Inc said...

Organic products are essentially earth-friendly, sustainable and natural, not only in its entity but in production mode. Which makes safer and healthier.

Nanette said...

DKM, I really should have used those squash blossoms especially since some animal just ate them all off the plant! LOL

Nanette said...

Thanks Third Wave! I recently read a book that said that the most important foods to eat organic are foods that contain fat so I'm really trying to buy organic oils.

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