Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pro's Ranch Market

We went to Pro's Ranch Market yesterday - they are a massive market specializing in Mexican foods and they have a few locations across the southwest. Because it isn't near our house I decided to stock up.

Chiles in all their forms.

The best thing about Pro's is their corn products. Their tender homemade corn tortillas still warm from the grill are the best I've ever eaten. They sell yellow, white, red, blue, and even green chile flavored corn tortillas. They also have many types of masa - dried masa harina either specifically for tamales or tortillas and fresh masa. I bought fresh masa para tortillas and masa sin preparar for making my own tamales. They also have some prepared masas that contain lard - one is even colored pink for dessert tamales. They also sell many forms of hominy - fresh nixtamal, frozen posole, and canned. I even found some canned red hominy.

I love to try new things and I found some fun ancho chile puree, jamaica/hibiscus soda, fresh green garbanzos (in the bag on the bottom right below), a guava roll, and roasted garbanzos with lime and chile, etc. The green herb is epazote which can be hard to find so I always buy it when I see it. I think when fresh it tastes like turpentine smells but I enjoy adding it to dried beans for cooking. The only non-success so far was a frozen puree of mamey fruit which had the taste and texture of bananas and tomatoes combined. I did read in Kippy Nigh's A Taste of Mexico that Oaxacan women use mamey fruit for a hair treatment so maybe I'll do that instead.


DKM said...

I love green garbanzos! I use them as I would fava beans. Oh and they are fabulous in a paella!

Nanette said...

Thanks DKM! I tasted one raw and liked it but I will cook them in paella as you recommended.

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