Saturday, July 18, 2009

Casa Rondena Winery Tour

As part of the Lavender in the Village festival last week, Casa Rondena Winery was selling lavender sangria and of course I had to try it. None of us could really taste the lavender in the sangria but it hit the spot on an extremely hot day.

It was truly a beautiful winery and we were lucky to get a tour. Below are the vines and one of the beautiful Moorish-inspired buildings.

This is the grape smoosher machine or whatever the technical term may be (the lavender sangria was working quite well at that point!).

I liked the racks the barrels were on which allowed them to rotate the barrels easily.

Here is the bottling machine. All in all it was a wonderful tour and I highly recommend it if you're in Los Ranchos. I'm still trying to find out where their wine is sold here in the East Mountains because I'd like to try their Sangiovese. The crowds were pretty large by the time we were done with our tour so I couldn't taste it then.

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