Thursday, July 2, 2009

Spring Rolls for Summer

I love making spring rolls when the weather heats up. I tend to use whatever I have at the moment for a filling but I always include mint, cilantro, some sort of lettuce, and thin rice noodles.

Below are the three types of rice paper wrappers I have - the extra thin, some really cute tiny wrappers, and the type I usually use. The tiny wrappers are possibly more trouble than they are worth. I found I prefer the thin wrappers although I think it is more difficult to roll them up in an eye-pleasing manner.

I like to make my spring rolls as colorful as possible. For these I used julienned scallions, carrots, red chard stems, red leaf lettuce, tatsoi, cilantro and mint.

I use a very simple dipping sauce I saw Ming Tsai do once - equal parts balsamic vinegar and low-sodium soy sauce with some minced scallions or shallots.

We received a special CSA box this week with a Fourth of July theme. If I find some time, I will make shortcake to use up those lovely white nectarines and berries. I use the Fluffy White Cupcake batter from Vegan Lunch Box and I have a special muffin top pan that works well for shortcake.


leigh said...


love your blog!!

do you have to do anything to the wrappers (like steam them) or do you just wrap everything up right out of the package?


Nanette said...

Hi Leigh! Sorry for being so vague! I soak the rice paper wrappers in a big bowl of warm water until completely pliable. Then I carefully lay it out on a tea towel and add filling.

I lay out the fillings in the center and roll it up like I do my chimichangas. Then I cut them in half and serve cut-side up.

Cate said...

This is one of my favorite no-cook dinners for summer! I sometimes put extra firm tofu (cut into matchsticks) and dip them in hoisin sauce mixed with chopped peanuts.

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