Friday, September 25, 2009

My Inadequate Kitchen

I was recently looking at photos of Pioneer Woman's gorgeous kitchen and feeling a bit envious. We moved to NM so DH could get his Ph.D. and years later we are still renting a tiny passive-solar house. (DH refuses to buy another house in NM - long story.) I'm still mourning my beautiful kitchen in Colorado which we remodeled to my specifications; it had a section just for baking and tons of storage.

Anyway I thought I'd photograph the current kitchen in my efforts to declutter. There are some good things about this kitchen - I have about 13 feet of counter space and DH built me the island so I'd have more storage for frying pans and baking sheets. Unfortunately the dishwasher died a few years ago (although DH promises to replace it in a few weeks) and I am seriously lacking in storage. I don't have any other place to store anything - there is no pantry, dining room, or garage in this house.

I am really trying (unsuccessfully!) to keep from putting items on top of the cabinets because everything gets so dusty and gross up there. The only place I really have for my Le Creuset pot is on top of the refrigerator. Another issue I have is a lack of space for my kitchen gadgets. I have 7 drawers in this kitchen which you would think is enough but I still have mugs all over the counters with utensils.

I painted that little homemade red spice cabinet but that is only part of the picture. I have another big drawer full of herbs and spices and a box of medicinal herbs somewhere in one of the cabinets. Because of my lack of pantry I keep most of the flours and grains in the refrigerator - I purchased that Amana bottom freezer model (my 2nd Amana bottom freezer refrigerator) because I needed a better refrigerator than was here originally.

This is the only place to eat; we do pull the table out when we have guests (we can only fit four though). If we have more guests than that we usually do a potluck and eat in the living room or outdoors. The best thing about the dining area is that there are some pretty mountain views. The worst thing is a really awful plastic chandelier above the table; I couldn't even bring myself to photograph it.

I did find some links to words of wisdom about kitchens.

So Your Kitchen is Tiny. So What? Mark Bittman at the NYT
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Ellen said...

I love your column and all the yummy things you make. I also think your kitchen is gorgeous! I live in new york and you cannot believe what our kitchens look like. So, at least a New Yorker thinks it's fabulous!

KAnn said...

I think your kitchen is lovely, Nanette! And I am envious that you are in NM although I do love Colorado and all my wonderful family is here. I love the ristra and the lights-so New Mexico! My current kitchen is small but one day I want one with saltillo tile and plenty of space. I do love ny gas range and, of course, I have a ristra and lots of Santa Fe touches. Thanks for the photos-I love kitchens and all that is associated with them.

Nanette said...

Thanks Ellen! I am always amazed at how New Yorkers are even able to cook in such small kitchens but when there is a will there is a way I guess.

Nanette said...

Thanks KAnn! The ristra is actually knitted although I should really purchase a dried one. I think your southwestern kitchen idea sounds beautiful!

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