Friday, October 16, 2009

Apartment Therapy's Kitchen Cure, Week 1

I can't believe how embarrassing this is! The first task of Apartment Therapy's kitchen decluttering project is to open all your kitchen drawers and cabinets and take photos. I've already discussed my severe lack of storage space but I don't think I realized how chaotic my pantry is until I looked at the photos. You're not allowed to clean or tidy up before you take the photos.

After you post photos, you're supposed to go through and clean out your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry.

Since my refrigerator is usually pretty clean I figured I'd just devote 10-15 minutes. THREE HOURS and 2 garbage bags later, my pantry and refrigerator are cleaned out.

These are all before photos - I think my biggest problem areas are my spices, my collection of medicinal herbs which are all over the place, the above drawer where I keep foil and plastic wrap (they don't all fit), and the fact that I have two whole cabinets that are either not used (the one above the fridge which is impossible to access without getting on a chair) or underused (the one above the microwave).

It is a continuing battle to keep a handle on my condiment addiction/"condimania".

I'm looking forward to next week's tasks! It is so nice to think that my kitchen will be organized just in time for the holiday cooking frenzy.


DK & The Fluffies said...

Ooo I may have to do this

Nanette said...

I hope you do DKM! I just bought some shelf liner today in preparation for getting things organized.

N. Maria said...

You are so much braver than I am!
Yet.....I think I need to do that, too.
Maria H in WA

Sea Goddess Treasures said...

nanette You are so inspiring!! My kitchen is a disaster and I am struggling with the clutter. I really need to do what you did :)!!

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