Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Foodie Tour of Santa Fe

I was wandering around Santa Fe today and thought I'd show you some fun places to visit if you're ever in the area.

The Chile Shop near the plaza sells their own line of chiles along with cookbooks and some lovely dinnerware.

Kaune's (pronounced COW-knees) is across the street from the Roundhouse (the NM state capitol) and is a fun little gourmet store where you can buy $45 olive oil, fig confit, all sorts of premiere European chocolates, and some great local baked goods.

Here's the cooking school part of the Santa Fe School of Cooking; there's also a market that sells salsa and cookware. They have all sorts of day classes you can take on your vacation; I highly recommend the hands-on chile pepper class with Chef Rocky Durham. If you're a local, they offer classes at a reduced price in January - check their schedule.

The Spanish Table has some beautiful ceramics along with cazuelas, smoked paprika, and paella pans in every possible size.

Also, don't forget the wonderful Santa Fe Farmer's Market (voted one of the top ten farmer's markets in the country by USA Today) - I previously did a blog post about it HERE.


KAnn said...

I just love all those places, too! I made it to all of them on my last trip except for The Spanish Table. Kaunes is just so unique-there used to be a coffee shop in the same shopping plaza that was also very good (I think they moved to another location). The new Farmer's Market location is fabulous. I picked up several jars of a wonderful mustard last trip. I could spend hours there.

Nanette said...

Hi KAnn! There is a coffee place by Kaune's and they apparently have chocolate as well but I'm not sure how long it has been there. I went into Kaune's and had to talk myself out of some chocolates and Swedish pancake mix. That place is pretty tempting!

Tia said...

this "tour" is awesome! there are so many places I'd love to visit, including here.

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