Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Egg Replacer Experiments

I continue to play around with the unusual homemade egg replacer recipe, Eggscellence, from The Cornbread Gospels. I used it for the Tesuque Pumpkin Cookies from Lois Ellen Frank's beautiful cookbook, Foods of the Southwest Indian Nations shown above.

I also used the egg replacer for a Bob's Red Mill gluten-free pizza crust mix. I'm not experienced in gluten-free baking at all and I have no idea if this is what gluten-free pizza crust is supposed to be like??? I expected a biscuit like texture which I got but the pizza dough was quite unusual - moist, springy, with lots of holes. It did rise slightly after mixing.

Here's our CSA box for the week including some delicious shiitake mushrooms, roasted green chiles in the bag, bok choy, collards, and other good things. In Farmer Monte's letter this week he said some CSA members have been complaining of too much eggplant and basil this summer.


Andrea said...

I remember when people in our CSA were complaining about too much kale at the same time I was complaining of too little kale. Go figure.

Nanette said...

Andrea, I know! Is such a thing as too much basil even possible? :)

Michelle C. said...

I had no idea pinon nuts were so labor-intensive. I bought a small bag at a natural foods/grocery store on Cerillos when we visited Santa Fe last summer.

Love the blog, too! I've been
following it since you first posted on the Cooking Light board.

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