Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy National Sandwich Day!

Today is National Sandwich Day. My favorite sandwich varies but my current number one sandwich consists of sauteed shiitake mushrooms on homemade bread spread with basil pesto.

Here is our CSA  box for the week with more shiitake mushrooms for future sandwiches. I'm planning on making borscht this week with the beets.


Anonymous said...

Oh that kale would be gone in a flash here - that's Fiona's favorite. And those apples and persimmons are calling for roasting!

KAnn said...

That is a great combo for a sandwich-I love mushrooms!

Nanette said...

Divakitty, I have never tried roasting persimmons but that sounds like a great plan. Heck I've never tried roasting apples either!

Nanette said...

KAnn, I love mushrooms as well. I'm hoping to find some fun exotic ones at Whole Foods this weekend.

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