Monday, January 4, 2010

Pizza Sfincione

I'm always up for trying new and unusual pizzas so I was happy when I read in the King Arthur Flour Baker's Blog about Pizza Sfincione, a Sicilian pizza covered with bread crumbs. I reduced the sodium a lot in my version and I only used 1 cup of the panko because I was thinking DH might not like it. I used a non-dairy cheese under the sauce.

As I feared, DH did not really like it. Although he is not usually a salad guy he raved about the avocado and grapefruit salad from Mollie Katzen Online. I'll have to try some more of her vegetable recipes; I still can't believe the original Moosewood Cookbook is over 30 years old.


Deborah (aka Mt. Mom) said...

I've eaten at the actual Moosewood Restaurant (yum) and have a taped-up, spilled-upon copy of the original cookbook purchased in Ithaca 1979 or 80. Really good food, but big on cheese for this now-non-dairy girl, and no-way low-fat. :-) I've been thinking of getting one of their newer releases.

Nanette said...

Deborah, I would love to eat at Moosewood! I highly recommend the soup cookbook. I've had many successes from that one. I also have the lowfat one but the first Moosewood was my very first vegetarian cookbook.

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