Saturday, June 26, 2010

Barbecue Cook-Off & Adobe Oven Bread at Isleta Pueblo

Today we went to a BBQ and chili cook-off at Isleta Lakes Recreation area south of Albuquerque. DH had some barbecue and I had a snow cone. 

Here is a little tractor rigged up to churn ice cream.

When you live in the hot desert, any amount of water can make you insanely happy.

When we were leaving the reservation we were fortunate to find a woman selling adobe oven bread. Most of the pueblos in New Mexico sell bread that is baked in outdoor horno ovens. It is a soft bread that usually has shortening in it. The baker called herself Doe to Go and was also selling sweet bread and pies.

Doe said her husband liked to shape the adobe bread into a lion's head shape. For more information on the adobe oven bread of New Mexico, HERE is an article that shows the process at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque. If you'd like to try to make your own adobe bread in a regular oven, HERE is a good recipe.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Eating the Rainbow

I am always running outside to try to get decent photos of our wonderful sunsets.

I am attracted to colors in my cooking as well. Because we're in a year-round organic CSA (CSA = community-supported agriculture), we do eat quite a lot of fruits and vegetables so our meals are usually pretty colorful.

This is a nondairy Tofu "Parmesan" recipe based on one I saw Emeril do in his Emeril Green show on Planet Green. The pasta is from Martha Stewart's web site and is called Minestrone Pasta Salad. BTW, if you have been noticing how often there are watermelon slices on my dinner table, it is because of DH the watermelon fiend. Even if we have other fruit for dessert, he wants watermelon as well.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Memorial Day Menu

DH just returned from a trip before Memorial Day so we stayed home and watched baseball. I made the Sicilian Country Bean and Potato Salad from Paola Gavin's Italian Vegetarian Cooking along with jamaica/hibiscus tea with lime and ginger. We had burgers (DH is a carnivore and I had the Masala veggie burgers from Trader Joe's.) and I made corn on the cob using my new favorite method.

I shuck the corn then spray it with vegetable cooking spray and grill it in my cast iron grill pan. (This can cause some smoke and popping but I don't have an outdoor grill any longer.) Then I drizzle it with lime juice and sprinkle on liberal amounts of powdered chiles (usually ancho chiles although chipotles are nice if you like something hotter) and a tiny bit of sea salt.
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