Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cazuelas, Sopes, & my CSA

Here are my purchases from my recent trip to the Spanish Table in Santa Fe. I bought two cazuelas (they need to be soaked in water before using but they said that after an overnight soaking you can even use them on the stovetop), a cute pitcher, and some beautiful spoons.

A while ago I bought some frozen Cacique brand sopes at Pro's Ranch Market in Albuquerque. I'd never tried them before but the package instructions said to deep fry them so I did. I'm not actually sure that was necessary; next time I want to try making them from scratch.  I served them topped with some Daiya vegan cheese, homemade pico de gallo, and pinto beans sauteed with Swiss chard from our CSA.

It is so ironic that the one time of year it is too hot for any fancy activities in the kitchen that we get the best produce from our CSA. Those are our first tomatoes of the year and those yellow round things are lemon cucumbers. They don't taste like lemons but do kind of look like them.


Anonymous said...

I love lemon cucks with a squeeze of lemon, sweet red onion and fresh thyme.

Nanette said...

I like your idea Michelle! I will use that the next time we get them.

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