Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Green Chiles from Hatch, New Mexico

The green chile harvest from the town of Hatch in southern NM has arrived all over the state. Hatch chiles are not a specific variety of chile pepper; there are different varieties grown for mild, medium, hot and extra hot. This year we bought two 35 lb. bags but I think we're going to get another one to last us through the year. We also get bags of roasted green chiles from our local CSA. Occasionally we buy them fresh and roast our own - HERE is a blog post on how I do that.

After each 35 lb bag is roasted, they are put in a plastic bag in a box. This steams off the skins and if you leave the chiles like that for a few hours, you'll get a nice smoky flavor as well.

Most people here just put the whole chiles, skins and all, in freezer bags and freeze them. They're really easy to peel once thawed. I learned in a class at Santa Fe School of Cooking to NEVER rinse them while peeling and seeding because you do lose some of the wonderful roasted flavor.

If you'd like to see what the process of roasting them looks like, I did a post last year that showed that - 70 Pounds of Hatch Green Chiles . My southwestern cookbook, Fiesta Vegan (available in print at Amazon and as a less expensive ebook on Lulu) has some recipes that use green chiles like my Green Chile Enchiladas with Chard, Chile Rellenos, and Pinto Beans and Calabacitas. I also have a few recipes hereon the blog that use green chiles: Hatch Green Chile Stew and Zucchiny and Hominy Soup.

More Ideas on What to Do with our Wonderful Hatch Green Chiles:

1. Eat them plain. Once at Santa Fe Farmer's Market a woman was putting chile pieces on crackers and sprinkling them with garlic salt. Anywhere they're roasting chiles you'll see plenty of customers taste-testing the whole roasted green chiles to make sure they get the amount of heat they want.
2. Rajas (caramelized onions with chile strips)
3. Pizza - by far my favorite way to eat green chiles
4. In rice and beans
5. In tofu migas and tofu scrambles
6. Chile Rellenos - I stuff them with a mashed potato mixture (recipe in Fiesta Vegan) but we've also used non-dairy cheese They're also good with non-dairy cream cheese inside
7. Lay thick strips inside homemade tamales
8. Enchiladas
9. Green chile sauce
10. Green chile stew
11. Posole
12. All types of bean and veggie chilis
13. Macaroni and Cheese with green chiles
14. Green chile risotto or a Mexican green rice w/cilantro
15. Grilled cheese and green chile sandwiches
16. Chili Mac
17. Cornbread
18. Yeast breads - I have a green chile cheese bread (not vegan) in my 1st cookbook 'Tis the Season.
19. Burritos - breakfast burritos, bean burritos, veggie and cheese burritos
20. Quesadillas
21. Salsa and Salsa Verde
22. Mashed potatoes with green chiles
23. Three Bean Salad
24. Tortilla Soup
25. Tostadas
26. Chimichangas
27. Calabacitas - zucchini with green chiles and corn
28. Chilaquiles
29. Guacamole
30. Finally, I've seen recipes for green chile apple pie which I need to try this fall.


Anonymous said...

my favorite way is green chili cheese fries!

Andrea said...

You get the chilies roasted at the place you buy them? You don't actually roast 35 pounds of chilies at home, right? I wish I had access to a harvest like this, complete with roasters!

Anonymous said...

Yeah she said above that she gets roasted chilies from the CSA. Most grocery stores have roasters outside as well (in NM at least)

Chery said...

You are making me so hungry! My favorite way to eat chilies is posole. Oh, I'm so ready for some NM food.

Nanette said...

Ooh green chile cheese fries sounds wonderful! Andrea, yes, you buy the chiles at the place that roasts them. You can also buy them unroasted and some stores also sell the roasted chiles in small freezer bags but they're usually quite expensive.

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