Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Italian Christmas Menu

Holiday Organic Fruit Box from Los Poblanos Organics CSA

I'm still working on the menu for an Italian vegan Christmas feast. I'm still not sure if the main dish will be lasagna or stuffed shells (sometimes I have trouble finding large pasta shells here in New Mexico) but I do know that I'll do half with marinara sauce and half with pesto.


Pizza Hummus from Isa Chandra Moskowitz's brand new book with some breadsticks I received in an Italian pantry basket from Dean & Deluca


Mixed Vegetables in Vinegar/Giardinetto di sott'aceto from Paola Gavin's Italian Vegetarian Cooking

Stuffed Zucchini Florentine (also from the above book) w/ a non-dairy bechamel

Sardinian Artichoke Pie w/Daiya cheese from Cooking from an Italian Garden by Paola Scaravelli/Jon Cohen


Shells or Lasagna


My Rosemary-Garlic Pan Rolls


A big honking green salad w/homemade roasted red pepper dressing


Fruit salad using all the wonderful fruit we received this week from our CSA. 

I hope you have a lovely holiday - here is a shot from the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort on Santa Ana Pueblo where we go every year for DH's office Christmas party.


Rose said...

That sounds like a wonderful meal! We always do lasagne or manicotti on Christmas too, with a " big honking" green that!

I found your blog through Andrea's Easy Vegan Cooking.

Happy Holidays.

Nanette said...

Hi Rose - I also love Andrea's blog! Happy Holidays to you too.

mangocheeks said...

Hi Nanette,
The Italian Vegan menu sounds lovely, especially the artichoke pie.

I found you blog last year when one of your readers landed on my blog after I had made your cranberry and white chocolate muffins. This year I am making your Eggnog and pineapple loaf.
Your book 'Tis the Season is one of my favourite and treasured Vegetarian Christmas cookbooks.

Have a lovely Christmas.

Nanette said...

Thanks for the kind words Mangocheeks! I hope you enjoyed the eggnog pineapple loaf. Merry Christmas to you too!

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