Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Print Cookbook Collection

Here's a look at my print cookbook collection. It is kind of nice knowing that it won't get much larger now that I'm buying cookbooks for my Kindle. I still will occasionally get a print cookbook; for instance, I tend to prefer print versions of bread cookbooks with multiple page recipes. A while back I heard a rumor that Deborah Madison is doing a vegetable cookbook so I'll definitely get that one in print if the rumor is true.

I'm pretty hard on cookbooks; if I have a recipe that fails from a cookbook, I'll take it to the used bookstore. Once I did an entire Fourth of July menu from the Moosewood Celebrates cookbook and we didn't like a single thing so I quickly got rid of it. If a cookbook survives in my house it is because it really works for me. I use my cookbooks too - I probably make 20-30 new recipes a month.

On the top shelf I have my bread and pizza cookbooks. I make both bread and pizza weekly and I like having a good variety of recipes. On the second shelf are my Italian cookbooks on the right and some larger books on the left. I don't use Great Chefs Cook Vegan that often but I keep it because it is nice to have some recipes that are more of a challenge for when I feel like spending the afternoon in the kitchen.

This shelf holds mainly vegetarian and vegan cookbooks. I have a little party trick I do with Moosewood Restaurant Daily Special. I've made the won ton recipe so many times that if I hold the book upright it will automatically turn to the won ton page. I just noticed a new book, the Tamales 101 cookbook. I've taken it out of the library but I haven't used it yet now that I have my own copy. I guess I need to make tamales soon.

Here are most of my macrobiotic cookbooks, some of my Asian cookbooks, and on the bottom right some of my vegetable cookbooks which assist in using up all our CSA veggies.  The blue notebook on the left holds all my recipe printouts from years ago. I really need to organize that better. Ken Hom's Asian Vegetarian Feast (one of my top five faves although probably no longer in print) is missing its cover. I left it out once and a former house rabbit Peaches chewed on the cover. Most rabbits do love to chew on books so it is good that Bubbles prefers not to come down to the lower level of the house. Otherwise I'd have to take all the books off the bottom shelves of my bookcases.

Finally at the bottom are some lowfat/fatfree cookbooks and some herb cookbooks. The dark green books on the left are an old Time-Life series called Great Taste Low-Fat. I keep them for DH to use since every recipe has a photo and he likes seeing photos before he tries a new recipe. I received a free copy of the Eating Well Diabetes Cookbook because they used some of my recipes (from past issues of the magazine) but kept it because it is really good. I make the  barbecue tofu recipe (with a great homemade sauce) all the time.


BPfahnl said...

We have a very similar looking cookbook collection bookshelf!

My "Sundays at the Moosewood" cookbook has a cracked binding where the "Pasta e Fagioli" recipe is found because I've used that recipe about a billion tmes. I was worried about our puppy chewing on the bottom shelf of my cookbooks too, but he has stayed away (mostly).

Have you ever heard of this website?
It is a paid subscription service (with a free trial period) where you input your cookbook titles (or ISBNs) and then you can search, for instance, "Kale" and it will give you a list of kale recipes in your collection and tell which book where each recipe is found.

I use it, as more and more I found myself googling ingredients and using online recipes because I was "too busy" to look through my cookbooks.

Tamy said...

I love cookbooks! But pictures are very important for me, and that's difficult to find in vegan cookbooks!

Nanette said...

BPfahnl, I have never tried that Pasta e Fagioli recipe in Sundays at Moosewood but I will now! I will check out Eat Your Books.

Tamy, I like photos too but you're right - there aren't many vegan cookbooks that have photos of every recipe.

KAnn said...

I am embarrassed to say how many cookbooks I have...bought my first in 1976! Many have been donated over the years as my tastes and interests have changed but I still have over 300 today. I just love them. My latest genre over the past 6 years has been New Mexican. Have you done any vegan bizcochitos? Mine are vegetarian but I am interested in adapting a vegan version one of these days.

Sue Geisler said...

Nan - I keep trying to use tofu and don't ale=ways come out with a well-flavored result - any chance of tour posting the barbecue tofu with the sauce you mentioned?

we miss a REAL vegetable cook over on the cook's forum. I still look up your recipes at times and enjoy the old posts. I do remember you speaking about "Peaches" - Hope this new bunny is as pleasing. I ordered your small book from Amazon yesterday - maybe it has the recipe?

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