Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More Veggie Burgers

Now that summer is almost over, I plan to update this blog much more frequently and offer more recipes. I'm also working on putting all the blog recipes into PDF form. I'm going to add some new recipes then offer the PDF for free.

I am constantly trying out new veggie burgers. I think this is because I haven't really found the perfect burger. I've made some that were really tasty but either very time-consuming or used ingredients I don't often buy (like TVP). Almost all the veggie burgers I've tried would taste a lot better if you fry them in a ton of oil but again, I prefer not to do that.

Anyway, here are some of my latest experiments.
This first burger is something I'm playing around with. I really do think I can come up with a good veggie burger that involves mashed potatoes but I'm not quite there yet. I used mashed potatoes, mashed white beans, sauteed onions, garlic, and sunflower seeds, with some miso and soy sauce. They're pretty tasty but they didn't hold together well. I served them open-faced on a toasted bun with lots of mustard.

The second burger recipe I found on Vegweb. The Get Your Groove On Veggie Burgers held together well and are really healthy. I just thought the flavor combo was a bit unusual (sesame oil, salsa, barbecue sauce and Worcestershire sauce).
The third recipe is from Happy Herbivore which I have out from the library as an ebook. The Mushroom Burgers are moister than most which I like a lot. I omitted the steak sauce and next time I'll omit the barbecue sauce as well. I think DH might actually eat these (he's not usually fond of veggie burgers). HERE is a recipe that is the same as the HH mushroom burgers except for the addition of parsnips.


Michelle C. said...

I would love to find a good veggie burger recipe as well. I've tried a couple black bean burger recipes, but they were more like a crusted refried bean "blop" than burger and were difficult to cook.

Nanette said...

Thanks Michelle! I also dislike the mushy veggie burgers. I will keep testing until I find one with a good texture that doesn't fall apart while cooking.

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