Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Recipes I've Tried

I have decided to participate in VeganMoFo this year. VeganMoFo (Vegan Month of Food) takes place in October and involves blogging as frequently as possible (some participants manage to do it daily) with delicious plant-based meals. My theme this year will be testing recipes - each recipe will be from a different vegan cookbook in my collection. (Yes, I have a lot of cookbooks!) I'm going to call it 20 Vegan Recipes from 20 Vegan Cookbooks and each recipe will be photographed along with the cookbook of origin.

Here are a few recipes I've tried lately. This first recipe wasn't a success. It was called Mango Custard in the recipe email from VegNews but I guess I'd call it Bland Mango Chunks. DH and I tried it but most of it got tossed. I have both agar flakes and agar powder and I used the agar powder specified. Agar is a gelling agent made from a sea vegetable that is most often used to make non-dairy cheeses firm. In this recipe it was mixed with coconut milk, mango, and agave nectar.

This plate of food shows several recipes from my Labor Day menu. The Tempeh Sloppy Joes recipe is from Dr. Neal Barnard's Get Healthy Go Vegan. It is my favorite vegan sloppy joe recipe. You can find the recipe HERE. Along with a salad is the Mac and Shews with tomatoes added from Post Punk Kitchen. I attempted to reduce some of the fat and sodium in this recipe which was a mistake. The secret ingredient is sauerkraut and I'm not sure it added much but again the problem could have been my modifications.

This final photo shows some delicious California Rolls I made. The recipe is from The 100 Best Gluten-Free Recipes from Your Vegan Kitchen by Kelly Keough which I have out from the library. Instead of sushi rice, quinoa is cooked with slightly more water and spread on toasted nori. Tahini is drizzled on top, then veggies (I used carrots, broccoli slaw, and red onion), then soy sauce. I also added some wasabi paste. I thought these were excellent and I may just use quinoa for all future California roll attempts. The recipe is HERE.

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