Monday, September 19, 2011

What I Ate Yesterday

I am working on cleaning up my act a bit. For some reason every October I get these incredible sweet cravings and I thought I'd try to do better dietwise before the cravings hit.

It is finally cool enough here to go back to oatmeal for breakfast. This version has blueberries, bananas, rice milk, agave nectar, and ground flaxseed. I have two cups of green tea with lemon a day but I am going to try to cut back to one.

Lunch was leftover soup - the Summer Minestrone from Moosewood Restaurant Daily Special with some wonderful cranberry beans. I put some leftover roasted red pepper hummus on a slice of Trader Joe's Whole Grain Fatfree Bread.

I'm trying to drink a green smoothie every afternoon. This one had collard greens, Swiss chard, dandelion, banana, pear, coconut water, freshly grated ginger, and some chia seeds. I bought the chia seeds for their wonderful Omega 3 content but I've discovered they make you feel really full which I like in late afternoon.

Dinner was my Tempeh Reuben Panini, some steamed sweet potatoes, corn, and green beans with a mustard sauce, and kale chips. I ate a lot more of the kale chips than shown here! I also had another bowl of the soup later last night while trying to suffer through the Emmy Awards.

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