Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2011 Holiday Challenge

I've signed up to do the 2011 Holiday Challenge at the Dr. Fuhrman Member Support Center. Dr. Joel Fuhrman is the author of Eat to Live and was the doctor featured in documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead which is available to watch free HERE on Hulu. The documentary is such an amazing testament to the power of fruits and vegetables.

I read about the Holiday Challenge at the Carrie On Vegan blog and was intrigued by the idea of doing a challenge at a time of year where it is difficult to stay healthy. I'm especially motivated because we hope to be moving to Colorado early 2012 and buying a foreclosure. It would be great to be in really good shape at that point to deal with any necessary remodeling and all the other moving stress.

Here's what you have to promise to do for the challenge:

1. Eat at least one large salad every day. (I already do this.)

2. Eat generous amounts of cooked green vegetables, mushrooms, and onions.

3. Eat beans every day. (I try but am not always successful.)

4. Eat at least three fresh fruits every day. (I currently eat maybe one or two.)

5. Avoid white flour.

6. Avoid sugars and artificial sweeteners.

7. Use oils sparingly. (I do this already.)

8. I will not allow peer pressure or tempting toxic foods to derail me from my health goals.

9. I will not compromise my health to please others.

10. I will set an example of health-mindedness for those around me.

I think the difficulties for me will be the cooked greens and mushrooms and avoiding holiday baked goods from white flour and sugar. It is free but to sign up I did have to give a credit card number.  I heard from Carrie who told me that I have to remember to call them and cancel after the six weeks is up.
Anyway, there are over 1000 healthy recipes in the member center which I will have access to during the challenge so to me it is worth it to remember to call them at the end of the holidays. There is also a Facebook page for the Holiday Challenge HERE.

My rabbit Bubbles looks like she could use a healthy eating challenge as well! I'm always amazed pet house rabbits can get so plump from just eating greens and other vegetables.

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