Monday, November 21, 2011

Recipes I've Tried and My Thanksgiving Menu

I've been trying some of the recipes from the Dr. Fuhrman Member Center. One of my faves is the Banana-Oat Bars which contain bananas, oats, coconut, applesauce, and walnuts These can be frozen and used as really quick breakfast choices.

Another Fuhrman breakfast choice is the really hearty Blue Nut Oatmeal. A small amount of oats is cooked with blueberries, raisins, cinnamon, apple, banana, and walnuts.

Here is one of my favorite hummus recipes which I've talked about here before - Dreena Burton's White Bean Hummus with Thyme and Basil. I make it when I want hummus but I don't have any garbanzos available and as you can see I add lots of veggies to the top and for dipping.

Here's my Thanksgiving menu this year. I tried to find recipes that would include lots of veggies and limit the sugar and fat. Plus DH wanted some sort of leftovers for sandwiches so we're going to try a Celebration Field Roast for the first time.

2011 Thanksgiving Menu

Celebration Field Roast (I think I'm going to baste it with orange juice and fresh herbs.)

Dean Ornish's Health Hearty Salad (sans the blueberries since they're not in season)

Dr. Fuhrman's Nutty Green Bean Casserole (from an email)

I knit this cute turkey (free pattern HERE) to adorn the holiday table along with a photo of Peyton the turkey I adopted from Farm Sanctuary. Happy Thanksgiving!

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