Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Links

We had some snow (not always a sure thing here in NM) and I'm in full Christmas mode. I'm currently looking for some yummy vegan goodies that can be used for stocking stuffers. I've already made a batch of DH's favorite Power-Packed Energy Bars from the 30 Minute Vegan Cookbook by Mark Reinfeld and Jennifer Murray. DH is an avid hiker and I like to make him a hiking themed Christmas stocking each year. I usually add some hand knit hiking socks and gloves, trail mix, and some field guides to each year's stocking.

The Energy Bars are just mainly nuts, seeds, and dried fruit held together with some coconut oil and agave and then baked. I wrap each one individually in foil so he can grab one or two for hiking.

I have a few holiday-related links to share.

HERE is a free ebook for Vegan Gingerbread Houses that even includes a vegan recipe for royal icing.

Scatter Vegan is offering a free 124 page PDF dessert cookbook, Scatter Vegan Sweets that offers low-fat and low-sugar recipes. So far it looks to be wheat-free as well. Just go HERE and click on "Scatter Vegan Sweets e-book - download free".

VegNews is having a Holiday Cookie Contest with all sorts of great prizes including a KitchenAid Mixer.

HERE is a Youtube video showing how to make Vegan Christmas eggnog.

The Unintentional Vegan offers a 12 page PDF, Vegan Holiday Gift Guide.

I found a list of the Best Vegan Cookbooks 2011 which might help in choosing gifts for your favorite vegan cook.

DH has been busy getting us plenty of wood to heat our house this winter.

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