Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bunnies on Blogs

Recently the PostPunkKitchen listed Bunnies on Blogs as one of the Top 100 Vegan Trends of 2011. Two really cute bunnies on vegan blogs were mentioned but I wanted to give a shout out to my wonderful pet rabbit Bubbles. Large white rabbits (especially those with pink/ruby eyes) are pretty common but unfortunately they are virtually unadoptable. They're just not as cute as the popular dwarf rabbit breeds you see in pet stores. One House Rabbit Society chapter even offers to pay the rabbit's veterinary expenses for life if you adopt one of their large white rabbits but most languish in shelters. It is really a shame because their personality is so sweet and mellow.

Bubbles apparently started out as a breeder in a feed store. At some point she was attacked by an animal and she is missing a toe. She was even in Petco for a few months unsuccessfully living in a large aquarium but no one wanted her. She was a few years old when we adopted her and she adapted quickly to the life of a spoiled house rabbit.

Bubbles is not completely white - she does get some darker fur on her head mainly in the winter months. She loves mornings the best and waits until we wake up. The minute our feet hit the floor she comes over and sits on our feet so we have to pet her before we can get out of bed. I spend a few hours every night on the floor with her reading or knitting.  She also loves her massage time (HERE is a video from the San Diego House Rabbit Society which shows how.)

If you are seeking a pet rabbit, check out the House Rabbit Society's comprehensive web site. And when it comes time to choose a companion, consider adopting a large white bunny. You won't regret it!

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Andrea said...

Bubbles does indeed look like a charming companion. Does she roam free in your house? I've rabbit-sat in the past, but have never had a full-time house rabbit.

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