Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Few New Year's Eve Recipes

I'm terribly excited about our upcoming return to Colorado because I'll be able to start doing more parties and fun dinners. (Our current house doesn't have any parking and is really small.)  I'm already buying more dishes and holiday decor items in anticipation. We still haven't found a house yet but I'm especially hoping for a nice deck for some outdoor parties.

Here are some appetizers I made for New Year's Eve this year. I just love making a meal out of appetizers. I wanted to keep everything as healthy as possible and the only processed items I bought were the Daiya non-dairy cheese and the pitas.

I did kale chips, the Chef and the Dietitian's Chocolate Fundue with bananas and apples, mini pizzas made from the Trader Joe's mini whole wheat pita breads, the Chef and the Dietitian's Smoky Chipotle Corn Salsa, and the Chef and the Dietitian's homemade oil-free Tortilla Chips.

I did my usual kale chips - kale pieces mixed with Frontier's (no-salt) Garlic Bread Seasoning, nutritional yeast, and a touch of lemon juice baked on a foil pan at 250 until crisp. No need for salt and oil!

The Chocolate Fundue was the hit of the night. I'd never tried raw cacao before and could only find raw cacao nibs so to powder them I put them in my coffee grinder. They taste like a milder version of cocoa powder with a touch of roasted coffee beans. Yum! The Fundue was a mixture of the cacao, pureed dates, peanut butter and vanilla.

The bean salsa was nice and hearty and the tortilla chips were indeed crispy from spritzing them with water before baking. I split the mini pitas to make them crispier and topped them with tomato sauce and either sauteed portobellos or bell peppers.

I just discovered the Chef and the Dietitian's videos after discovering Julieanna Hever's wonderful pumpkin chocolate chip muffins which were the hit of my Thanksgiving feast. I plan to get both their books (Complete Idiot's Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition and Unprocessed) for more healthy plant-based recipe ideas.

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Andrea said...

I love the idea of making a meal from appetizers and you've got a great collection here. Thanks for the heads up about the books — I'm going to look into them.

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