Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Talin Market

I managed to get to my favorite enormous international food store. I could spend hours in Talin Market finding all sorts of interesting food products. I recommend it to everyone visiting the Albuquerque area - it is on the corner of Central and Louisiana.

Here's what I bought this weekend.

I buy a lot of rice noodles at Talin. I use the really thin vermicelli rice noodles for spring rolls and the thicker ones are good in Asian soups. I've never had jackfruit before but I've seen recipes where it is cooked in barbecue sauce and after cooking it turns into shreds. The watercress on the bottom was 88 cents! I always buy a few Goya items from the Cuban aisle - this time it is pink beans and white hominy pieces. My favorite thing in this photo is the miso - the Cold Mountain Kyoto white miso is only $3.85 and has half the sodium of other white misos.

The bottom right shows the baby bok choy I always buy - it was $1.30 a lb. They actually have about 10 different types of bok choy in their produce section. They also have a huge selection of mushrooms including enoki and maitake - I bought shiitake and oyster mushrooms. That big bag of Thai basil was only $1.59 and Bubbles the rabbit has been happily munching on that. My most unique find was shallot powder which I'm looking forward to testing out in my non-dairy cheese sauces. I forgot to include the fresh shallots in the photo - they always have bags for under $1 a lb.

Talin Market also has a web site where you can check out their ethnic cooking classes and read their blog which keeps you up to date on when lychees are in season and what to do with monster fruit. There are signs at the entrance asking you to not take photographs inside or I'd have a zillion photos of all the cool stuff.

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